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Derthona's "magic moment" continues

Came - dribble - Derhona Basket

Derthona's "magic moment" continues

Orzinuovi – Derthona Basket 80-83 (20-16, 20-22, 12-30, 28-15)
orzinuovi : Bertolini 8, Ferrarese 21, Martini 12, Micevic 23, Chiarello 2, Mazzucchelli ne, per mon ne, Braidot 14, Rinaldi ne, Trapella. All. Eliantonio
Derthona Basketball : Rotondo 8, Vitali 21, Gioria 12, Venuto 8, Samoggia 13, Cernivani 15, Stanojevic ne, Gatti 2, Strotz 4, Gay ne. All. Arioli

Came - dribble - Derhona BasketThe "magic moment" of Derthona continues as, three days after the feat in Bologna, they also win the first leg of the play-off valid for access to the Final Four of the Italian Cup in Orzinuovi. In the Brescia area it was a tough match characterized by substantial balance in the first two quarters, broken in the third quarter by the nervousness of the locals, punished by a series of technical fouls which first cost the expulsion of coach Eliantonio and then of Bertolini, which allows Vitali & Co. to gain a maximum lead of 16 points at the end of the third quarter (52-68), taking advantage above all of the free throws available. Orzinuovi, touched by his pride, reacts in the last quarter by coming back behind with a series of long-range bombs (Braidot, Micevic and Martini) while his competitive spirit grows and Rotondo pays the price by suffering a bad blow to the neck which costs him in the immediate medical treatment, in addition to the expulsion for reaction and, at the end of the match, even an assessment in hospital for the blow he suffered.

The Brescians get within -2 at 71-73 4' from the siren but first Venuto and then Vitali respond in kind, keeping the hosts at a distance. In the frantic final, the conclusions of Ferrarese and Braidot counteract two very important baskets from Strotz and Gioria which definitively close the score in favor of the Bianconeri. In the end the scoreboard speaks clearly, reporting the suffering of our rebounders (43 for Orzinuovi against 28 Derthona) while the overall shooting percentages are good and in particular from three points (8/19 against their 8/33) and free throws ( 21/25 versus 28/40). Among the individuals, Samoggia is always decisive, while the confidence of Vitali and Cernivani grows and the real Gioria is seen again.

Now, not even time to breathe and it's already time to think about next Sunday 26th at 18.00 pm at PalaCamagna when Pavia of the former Degrada (who got the better of Derthona in the first leg) will arrive with a poisoned tooth due to the defeat suffered in Alessandria after extra time. It will be very important to regain strength and evaluate the situation of: Viglianisi stopped due to a slight ankle sprain and Rotondo after the bad adventure in Orzinuovi. The return with the Brescians is scheduled for Tuesday 4 February at 20pm.