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Coach Ramondino and Ndoja present the match against Biella

Coach Ramondino and Ndoja present the match against Biella

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaiting the derby with Edilnol Biella scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday 24 March, at 18.00 pm at the HYPE Forum. The Bianconeri are coming off the home success against Agrigento, which ʺIt made us understand how long the games are – begins coach Ramondino – and they go in fits and starts: it was important not to get upset in moments of difficulty and, for the future, it will be crucial to have a good approach and, on a competitive level, to dilute the impact throughout the entire forty minutesʺ.

In view of the match that awaits Bertram on Sunday, the Juventus coach believes that ʺthe best way to prepare and best approach the challenge is to focus on everyday life and live the days to the fullest in order to make the most of what we have. The mindset we have must make us limit the strengths of our opponents and try to impose our own during the races.

Moving on to the analysis of Biella, coach Ramondino believes that the Piedmontese are a team that ʺHe has made quality additions aimed at making the offensive threat more widespread. They have also changed their tactical structure, as after Vildera's departure, they now always play with a quintet with five shooters. Biella has physical size in every position and athletic players with excellent hands: the two Americans are clearly an important point of reference, but the group of Italians is a guarantee for the A2' championship.

Among the keys to Sunday's match, the Juventus coach identifies the ʺmaking the right choices in attack, trying to have play close to the basket to then build good three-point shots as we have done recently. In defence, however, it will be necessary to play an important game at team level, as with Sims in the five-man position, great difficulties are created in terms of pairing and balance..

Thus Klaudio Ndoja: ʺAt this end of the season it is important to give continuity to our training sessions in order to be effective during the matches. In the derby with Biella the emotional aspect will play a significant role, we know the atmosphere we will find in their stadium. Biella is a team that, especially at home, is exalted by the push it receives from the public: it is a team that has two high-level Americans for the category and also a consolidated group of players and a coach who works in that environment for several years and manages to give technical continuity to the roster. During the race it will be important to limit Sims and Harrell and their speed game.