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Coach Galli's corner – Nutribullet Treviso

Coach Galli's corner – Nutribullet Treviso

Second match of the second round of Bertram Derthona, who will visit the Nutribullet Treviso in the scheduled race Sunday January 29 at 17.30 pm at PalaVerde. The match and the qualities of the opponents were presented, as usual, by the assistant coach Massimo Galli:

“We're going to Treviso in the first away match of the return round, to face a team we lost to at home and who plays in a historic Italian basketball arena. After their victory in Brescia last week, we expect a warm and enthusiastic environment.

Leading the team as point guard is Iroegbu, who did very well against us and who is playing a high quality championship, showing off his scoring skills and leadership. Next to him is a player who needs no introduction, Adrian Banks, who is able to attract a lot of defensive attention and build a shot at any moment of the match. Over the course of the season, Sokolowski (now moved to Besiktas), Jurkatamm, Sarto and Faggian alternated as number 3, three young players who, with different characteristics, provided an important contribution to the Treviso cause. Jantunen plays as '4', another young player who is performing well, and Sorokas, former matchday player, who is a great fighter with physical and athletic qualities that allow him to also play as number '5'. In this role so far Derek Cooke has taken the field, who is very athletic.

This week Treviso added Hugo Invernizzi to its roster, a great three-point shooter who I know well having faced him in the EuroCup with Venezia a few years ago, who can play in the roles of '3' and '4'. The new '5', who will most likely be part of the match, is Octavius ​​Ellis, another player I know well and who played in the EuroLeague wearing an Olympiacos jersey: he is an athlete, a man of the penalty area and an intimidator , possessing creative qualities".