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Coach Ramondino and Knowles present the match with Biella

Coach Ramondino and Knowles present the match with Biella

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaiting the derby with Biella scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday 9 December, at 18.00 pm at the PalaOltrepò in Voghera. The Bianconeri are coming off a week in which ʺwe had all the players available, with the exception of Gabriele Ganeto. It's clear – says coach Ramondino – that the recovery of the injured is not yet definitive and this leads us to a controlled management of the various athletes. However, I believe that it was important to be able to have all the players in the gym to work on aspects such as continuity and consistency, on which we must make steps forward..

The Bianconeri's opponent, as mentioned, is Edilnol Biella, a team that presents ʺclear hierarchies and players who accept their roles. They certainly have two important Americans for the championship, but also the nucleus of Italians or Italian-trained players – continues coach Ramondino – represents a certainty for the A2 Series. Coach Carrea's team has just returned from a week of rest, due to the postponement of the match against Siena: this aspect, according to the Juventus coach, ʺIt has positive and negative sides, because players can lose the pace of the game but, at the same time, they can concentrate even more on the individual opponentʺ.

Among the keys to the match, coach Ramondino identifies ʺthe attention we will have to place on their players capable of creating advantageous situations from 1 on 1 and the ability to protect our scoreboard, as Biella is one of the best attacking rebounding teams in the championship. Limiting them in this sense will be very important to then develop a pace of play that is not necessarily controlled.

Thus Preston Knowles: ʺThis week we have followed the coach's instructions, we have worked hard in defense and, with the improvement in the players' physical conditions, we are preparing in the best possible way for Sunday's match. Every week we are growing from a technical point of view, trying to eliminate the mental errors made in previous matches to achieve the common technical language and identity we need for the rest of the season. Biella has good players under the basket and in the external department, they are a team that plays well but I think we must remain focused on ourselves more than on our opponents. The keys to the match will be our ability to defend strongly, communicate on the pitch and be disciplined in the game.