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Coach Ramondino and Alibegovic present the match with Capo d'Orlando

Coach Ramondino and Alibegovic present the match with Capo d'Orlando

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, playing against Benfapp Capo d'Orlando on the 13th day of the West Group of the Serie A2 Old Wild West championship. The Bianconeri are coming off the success against Legnano, a match in which they emerged ʺsome positive signs, which however arrived after two negative matches like those against Agrigento and Biella. At this time of the season – says coach Ramondino – we need to broaden our view beyond the single performance, because it is important to seek continuity. Therefore it is important to contextualize the emotional aspect and work on the technical one.

The search for continuity is one of the focuses on which the work of the Juventus coach is based, which he supports as ʺit is not easy to find the right balance between players who can be more or less protagonists. Ours is a team made up of players of a good level for the championship and it is our task to try to integrate athletes who need to touch the ball several times to be effective with others who can provide their contribution even without necessarily having to have the ball in their hands. hand.

The Bianconeri's next opponent, as mentioned, is Benfapp Capo d'Orlando, a team that ʺHe prefers to play a high number of possessions: it is no coincidence that they are one of the best attacks in the championship at almost 90 points on average. They have Triche, Parks and Bruttini – continues coach Ramondino – three players who are good at taking and realizing advantages with great effectiveness. Their ranking reflects what they have shown in these first months of the season, because they have found the right balance and are supported by the results on the pitch..

Among the keys to the match against the Sicilian team, the Juventus coach identifies ʺour ability to make steps forward from an offensive point of view, in particular regarding the fluidity of the game, while in defense it will be important to be continuous against their talented players, trying to dirty their solutions and make them less effectiveʺ.

Thus Mirza Alibegovic: ʺWe had the strength to unite, to stay together and as a group in the match against Legnano, forgetting the previous defeats. Little by little we will have to blend in even more. Capo d'Orlando has well-defined hierarchies, they know which players have to shoot: the two Americans and Bruttini are the most representative athletes. Triche and Parks, in particular, have great talent and offensive ability. The key will be to limit them also by attacking them, because they play a lot of minutes on average per game, so our objective must be to prevent them from playing a high level game on both sides of the pitch..