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It's the championship semi-final. Allianz Derthona dominates the Piedmontese derby against Borgomanero and continues the Italian dream

It's the championship semi-final. Allianz Derthona dominates the Piedmontese derby against Borgomanero and continues the Italian dream

Allianz Derthona Tortona – College Basketball Borgomanero 87-70

(23-19, 48-34, 70-50)


Derthona: Baldi 11, Albertinazzi, Farias 3 (4 ast), Tambwe 20 (9/11 from the field, 14 rb, 34 val), Errica 12 (3/5 from three), Korlatovic, Diodati 6, Fonio Fracchia ne, W. Bellinaso, Moro ne, Conte 23 (7 sub fouls, 22 vals), Josovic 12. All. Ansaloni, ass. Tosarelli, Albasini.

Borgomanero: Trucchetti 11, Giustina, F. Ferrari 19, D'Amelio 13, Andretta ne, Zanetti 4, Bazan 20, Broggi, Osagie, Jasarevic ne, Barzon ne, Pillastrini 3. All. Villa.


The perfect match to fly to the championship semi-final. Allianz Derthona dominates against College Basketball Borgomanero in the quarter-final at the U19 Eccellenza National Finals. The 87-70 in the Piedmontese derby at the Estra Forum in Chiusi means entry into the top four in Italy and an achievement that has the flavor of history for the youth sector of the Juventus club. All while waiting for what could still happen in the last two days of the Italian competition.

In the match between the first, Tortona, and the second classified, Borgomanero, of the National Group 1 of the championship, but with the team from the province of Novara starting this time with the prediction on paper in its favor after the victory in the group of the Finals facing the play-off which had been forced to play Derthona the previous day, Allianz did not show any signs of extra fatigue and from the middle of the first quarter they set up a progression that gradually led them to become more and more impregnable for their opponent.

Borgomanero's only real outburst in the match came immediately after the ball, 7 points from Ferrari made them start better (4-11 in the 3rd), but Derthona soon made it clear that they were a team on a mission, the Juventus response entrusted to Tambwe and Baldi with a counterbreak of 8-0 set by Conte's triple then leaves room for another heavy basket by Diodati and a penetration by Josovic which are worth the overtaking 1' from the end of the first quarter (21- 19). From then on Tortona never looked back, starting to command on the electronic scoreboard with the sound of bombs and a defense capable of containing a usually high-scoring attack from Borgomanero. Josovic's scream resonates inside the Tuscan facility for a fouled basket that allows Conte's subsequent bomb to give them the maximum lead of the first half, 45-29.

Closing the first half of the match at +14 (48-34), upon returning to the field a very hot Conte takes care of shooting from afar (10/31 for the team from three at the end, Errica the best with 3/5) to dig the furrow unbridgeable, his 13 points in the third quarter mean even +26, 62-36, with an eloquent run of 14-2 in the first four minutes of the second half. Bazan and D'Amelio are the last ones who don't want to give up for the team from the province of Novara but the maximum effort they can produce is -17 (72-55 in the 31st), faced with a Tambwe who continues to make their voice undaunted large in the two areas.

With his rating of 34, the pivot of the Juventus Lions is the tip of the iceberg of the victory that allows the team coached by Luca Ansaloni to go all the way to the National Finals, with their stay until Sunday assured at least for the dispute of Final 3 °-4th place. But the objective is different and the new path of the Juventus rise includes tomorrow's semi-final at 18 pm, again at the Estra Forum in Chiusi, against Pall. Varese, winner 30-93 in the last quarter-final against Dolomiti Energia Trento.

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