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28/04/2024 18:15
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Collaboration agreement with the Bios-Lisino Rehabilitation Center

Collaboration agreement with the Bios-Lisino Rehabilitation Center

The Derthona Basketball Lab is pleased to announce the closing of a collaboration agreement with the Bios-Lisino Rehabilitation Center.

The Bios-Lisino Rehabilitation Center offers specialist medical and psychological assessments, rehabilitation treatments for subjects with motor disorders of both an orthopedic and neurological nature, and physical therapy (laser therapy, magnetotherapy, shock waves, Tecar therapy, ultrasound) for pathologies with chronic pain, as well as speech therapy and neuropsychological re-education for cognitive, communication and swallowing disorders. The Bios-Lisino center is also specialized in the treatment of sports injuries.

The center is equipped with modern equipment and a rehabilitation swimming pool with vascular path, a large car park, a bar and a garden.

“The signature of this collaboration makes me very proud. Being able to make the professionalism of a Rehabilitation Center such as Bios-Lisino available to our young athletes– says Andrea Ablatico, President of the Derthona Basketball Lab – it is a further significant step in serious planning which, as always, places the interests of our members at its centre. For the realization of this project I must sincerely thank Doctor Marco Gilardone, Director of the Bios-Lisino Centre, Doctor Ylenia Ragona, Director of the RSI Lisino Structure, for her enthusiastic participation and collaboration and Doctor Pia Camagna, the prime mover of this initiative ”.

In the photo: Ylenia Ragona (Director of the RSI Lisino Structure), Marco Gilardone (Director of the Bios-Lisino Center), Andrea Ablatico (President of the Derthona Basketball Lab), Giorgio Borghi (athletic trainer of the Bertram Derthona youth sector teams)

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