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A Sunday of joy for Minibasketball

A Sunday of joy for Minibasketball

Day of celebration at PalaCamagna: Sunday 14 November young people Leoncini of Bertram Derthona they went back to playing matches and having fun together. Training resumed on September 13th, over 150 children involved, now this event is a sign of an ever-increasing return to normality.

Under the organization of the minibasketball manager of the Derthona Basketball Lab, Andrea Fanaletti, assisted by the coaches/instructors Clara D'Amico, Clara Tallone, Valentina Scardaci, Giulio Lombardi, Stefano Cova, Marco Palumbo and the managers Alessandro Dalocchio and Paolo De Persis, for throughout the morning and early afternoon the PalaCamagna opened its doors to host the UISP Basketball Rivarolo of Genoa for a series of friendly matches involving various groups of miniathletes. And with them their respective parents, who were able to return to the stands of the Tortona facility after more than a year and a half of absence due to the pandemic. To inaugurate the day the challenge between the Debutant, followed by a mixed one Eaglets of the two clubs and at the end the match between the older ones, the Under 13.

Subsequently, the presence of one sealed everything large delegation of Ligurian company al PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris of Casale Monferrato, invited by Derthona Basket to attend the match Serie A won by Bertram Yachts against Banco di Sardegna Sassari. The same Genoese children also hit the parquet at halftime to be rewarded with an exclusive DB logo gadget and to take a group photo with Leo, the new mascot of Bertram Derthona.

And next weekend we will also return to play for something official up for grabs, with the 2021/22 championships ready to go. Let's start Saturday 20 al PalaCamagna Squirrel concentration, which from hours 14:30 will feature i hosts together with BC Castelnuovo e Acqui Terme. Sunday 21th of it will be the turn of Eaglets 2011 e Eaglets 2012, the first ones engaged at 11:00 to the Codevilla Gym against JB Monferrato, the seconds away at the same time against BC Castelnuovo at the PalaGiraffe.