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Marco Ramondino: “I want to help Derthona cultivate its ambition. The team has great room for growth."

Marco Ramondino: “I want to help Derthona cultivate its ambition. The team has great room for growth."

First days of work in Tortona for Bertram head coach Marco Ramondino, who wanted to draw an initial assessment of his new experience, starting from the moment he received the proposal from the Club, which ʺI took it with enthusiasm, with the hope of being able to help this company cultivate its ambition. I have always represented Casale with great pride in the last four years, but my time there was over, so it was right to look forward. Certainly the determination that was shown to me in deeds and words by Marco Picchi, Gianluca Petronio and Doctor Gavio was important for my decision..

For the first time in his career Ramondino decided to accept the offer of a club once the season had started, having stopped in the summer after his years at Junior. In the months that he spent away from the field, the coach has ʺspoke to other coaches who had already had the experience of taking on a team "in the running", to steal some secrets and the situations they had to face. Personally, I am trying to convey to the team, with great serenity and equal determination, the awareness of the potential and the work to be done so that they do not remain merely hypothetical. Our goal must be to get a result every week.". The period spent without a team was useful for the new coach of Bertram, who was able to gain experiences that he would not have been able to live if he had been involved as a club, such as spending ʺnine days in Istanbul to visit the Fenerbahce facility, see the team and Obradovic work. I then saw the training sessions of Turin, Avellino and Virtus Bologna; I also had a trip to America planned but when Tortona's call came, and we agreed to undertake this journey together, I decided to postpone this experience..

After the first days of work and two matches - at home with Scafati and in Trapani - Ramondino already has clear ideas on what needs to be done to grow at team level, starting from ʺfind a common language and be all on the same wavelength, because we have players with important, but very different, stories behind them. We want to be a team and not ten distinct individuals. From a defensive point of view we have large margins for growth, even if in Trapani, despite making mistakes, we saw big steps forward in this sense: a solid defense allows us to then engage in an attacking game that is functional and, if not immediately in the medium term, maybe even nice to look atʺ.

The need, underlined by Ramondino himself, to get results every Sunday is linked to the reform of the A2 championship compared to past seasons, as ʺthe three promotions are tempting and the five relegations are frightening: I believe that it is necessary to take advantage of what the tournament has said in recent years, that is, that the teams that are able to pursue their ideas without panicking will be the ones that obtain the results that were scheduled at the beginning of the seasonʺ.

In recent days, immediately following his arrival in Tortona, Ramondino was also appointed Assistant Coach of the Under 20 Men's National Team for the current season. A recognition that the coach - who has been in the National Teams Sector for years - wanted to comment on as follows: ʺWhen the call comes from the national team, you respond immediately without thinking about the role. I then have great pleasure in working with players and helping them in their journey. In fact, I believe that we coaches are a tool that must help athletes reach their maximum potential, this is our vocation..

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