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Marco Ramondino: ʺRepesa's compliments make me proud. Capobianco is a great role model for me

Marco Ramondino: ʺRepesa's compliments make me proud. Capobianco is a great role model for me

Almost two months after his arrival in Tortona, it was time to take stock of the first part of the season and to talk about some current issues at Juventus with Marco Ramondino, coach of the first team. The victory against Legnano in the last round of the championship interrupted a negative streak of three defeats and came after the renunciation of Preston Knowles, a choice due to the fact that ʺThe team was having difficulty finding an effective way to play. Ours is an equipped formation – says coach Ramondino – especially in the external department so, for my part, the choice to give up Knowles was made with a view to finding an identity as quickly as possible. I also believe that, with this set-up, we can be more solid and concrete, with the idea of ​​finding certainties given that the growth we have had over the course of the season has stopped a bit in the last two weeks..

The success achieved on Sunday was important, according to the Juventus coach, both in terms of ʺthe ranking, because we needed a victoryʺ and for the directions ʺon the fact that the path taken may be the right one. I say can because too many times we stopped at the first sensations and didn't follow what we were doing. After a complex start to the season for Derthona, Ramondino has very clear ideas on what the rest of the season should be and what needs to be done in the near future: ʺWe need to give ourselves some peace and time to work to grow, because without a doubt we can improve the quality of our game. It will be important to stop thinking that the solutions can come from elements external to the group of players we have, as it is only with daily work in the gym that we can become stronger.

In addition to coaching Bertram, this sporting season Ramondino holds the position of Assistant Coach of the Under 20 Men's National Team whose coach, Andrea Capobianco, visited Derthona Basket this week on Tuesday. With many years of experience in the staff of the national youth teams, the Juventus coach wanted to describe the importance of the meeting with the Under 20 Men's coach in this way: ʺWe had the privilege of dealing with a coach who made training, players and coaches themselves, a life choice. This is not something that happens so often, therefore we will have to make sure to replicate these opportunities for comparison: Derthona Basket is a club that has great potential, which is not only linked to the results that have been and will be achieved on the pitch. In fact, I personally believe that the secrets of the greats of our sport are to compare, question oneself, receive input from other people and improve oneself also through opportunities like this..

In Ramondino's growth as a coach, part of the credit can be attributed to the coach of the U20 national team, of which he was assistant for several years. It is the Juventus coach himself who talks about how great the figure of Andrea Capobianco is It was decisive on a human and professional level, because the years I spent with him were the best of my life. I learned everything about the coaching profession and I saw a great coach dealing with the problems of small and medium-sized clubs on a daily basis, going from playing on outdoor fields to winning the Mannheim Tournament, the World Cup silver medal or the title of Coach of the 'Year in Serie A1. For me he was a great example for the desire he had to get out of mediocrity and reach a certain level. From a personal point of view he is to all intents and purposes a member of my family.

Another European-level coach who praised the Juventus coach was Jasmin Repesa, who in an interview given to the site Eurodevotion, identified him as one of his favorite Italian coaches (ʺSince I watch everything, I'll tell you that Marco Ramondino makes his teams play really well. I really like). Ramondino expressed his satisfaction with what was declared by the former coach of, among others, Olimpia Milano, stating how ʺHis compliments make me even more proud because they came from a person I haven't had the pleasure of working with. I just want to thank him for the words he spent on me, which are a further incentive to continue to improve and do even more, even in this new experience of mine in Tortonaʺ.

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