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The Under 13s get on the podium at the Jurij Braconi Memorial in Asciano

The Under 13s get on the podium at the Jurij Braconi Memorial in Asciano

Nice conclusion to the season for the Derthona Basket youth teams. The Under 13 they tore the third place in Memorial Jurij Braconi di Asciano (SI), organized by Basket Asciano and Virtus Siena. For the young Bianconeri coached by Andrea Fanaletti only one defeat in the four matches played from Friday to Sunday, the debut against i Virtussian hosts (72-58), winners of the event, then only victories in the two remaining matches of the qualifying round against Basketball Piani Bolzano (74-36) and Invictus Libertas Livorno (79-75) and, thanks to the second position achieved, the Final 3th-4th place won against the second place in the other group, Florence 2 Basketball (81-73).

The tournament, in addition to sanctioning the very fresh collaboration agreement with the same Virtus Siena, has also served to strengthen the relationship with some of the clubs that also have a technical or sporting agreement directly or through the Open Project with the Juventus youth teams. Representing the Pall. I go coach present Davide Caorsi, who together with Giulio Lombardi acted as assistant to Fanaletti, and the players Lorenzo Giacchello, Gabriel Negro e Andrea Siccardi, For the 'USAC Rivarolo Genoa present Wisin De La Cruz Villanova, For the Pall. Trino Mattia Gallo and Godspower Ogbeide, top scorer of the event for Allianz Derthona with 21.8 points on average, e Luca Dalmasso and Mouaddine Zaccaria for BEA Chieri.






Virtus Siena – Allianz Derthona 72-58

(21-13, 41-19, 59-40)

Derthona: Egboide 10, Gallo, Dalmasso, Corda 13, De La Cruz 13, Giacchello, Siccardi 9, Negro, Sala 4, Bardahan, Gatti, Mouaddine 6, Alberti, Ferrera 3. All. Fanaletti, ass. Lombardi, Caorsi.

Allianz Derthona – Basket Piani Bolzano 74-36

(21-12, 45-16, 61-23)

Derthona: Egboide 24, Gallo 2, Dalmasso 6, Corda, De La Cruz 8, Giacchello 2, Siccardi 8, Negro, Sala, Bardahan 6, Gatti 2, Mouaddine 4, Alberti 6, Ferrera 6. All. Fanaletti, ass. Lombardi, Carosi.

Allianz Derthona – Invictus Libertas Livorno 79-75

(21-19, 35-38, 57-51)

Derthona: Egboide 30, Gallo, Dalmasso 3, Corda 6, De La Cruz 24, Giacchello, Siccardi 14, Negro, Sala, Bardahan, Gatti, Mouaddine 2, Alberti, Ferrera. All. Fanaletti, ass. Lombardi, Carosi.



Allianz Derthona – Florence 2 Basket 81-73

(19-21, 48-47, 71-58)

Derthona: Egboide 23, Gallo 2, Dalmasso 6, Corda 9, De La Cruz 14, Giacchello, Siccardi 10, Negro 1, Sala 2, Bardahan, Gatti, Mouaddine 7, Alberti 2, Ferrera 5. All. Fanaletti, ass. Lombardi, Caorsi.

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