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Gulliver Derthona is solid and wins in Lucca: Conte and Josovic are great drivers in the first success in the Play-In Silver

Gulliver Derthona is solid and wins in Lucca: Conte and Josovic are great drivers in the first success in the Play-In Silver

Basketball Club Lucca – Gulliver Supermarkets Derthona 86-91

(24-28, 44-41, 69-71)


Lucca: Landucci, Burgalassi 6, Barbieri 3, Lenci, Lippi 15, Simonetti 15, Tempestini 15, Del Debbio 12, Brugioni, Pierini 7, Trentin 17, Rinaldi. All. Olivieri.

Derthona: Albertinazzi 2, Fernandez Lang 6 (2/3 from three), Bresciani ne, Tambwe 11 (11 rb), Errica 11 (3/5 from three), Korlatovic 1, Diodati 5 (2 stops), Fonio Fracchia 2, Moro 2, Conte 32 (6/11 from three, 4 ast, 31 val), Josovic 19 (3/4 from three, 9 rb, 4 ast, 28 val). All. Ansaloni.


A test of great solidity and compactness allows the Gulliver Supermarkets Derthona to achieve the first success in Play-In Silver of the championship of Interregional Serie B. The lone league leaders conquered the parquet Basketball Club Lucca, the first knockout in the three matches of this second phase of the fourth national series.

The team coached by Luca Ansaloni leads the match for large stretches, has four players in double figures and resists the opponents' attempts to overrun in the final minutes, finding the clarity to win two points on a pitch as hot as the one in Lucca. The performances are dazzling Stefano Conte e Andrija Josovic, 59 rating between the two almost equally distributed, with the guard (in the photo) finishing above the thirty points mark thanks above all to 6/11 from three and the second putting together his 19 points all in the second half.
The first minutes of the match flow at a high pace, with Derthona always maintaining the lead guided by Conte's offensive verve (already in double figures at the end of the first period). At the tenth minute Leoni ahead 24-28. In the second half the leitmotif of the match does not change, the balance reigns supreme even if Lucca overtakes and finishes ahead 44-41 at halftime.
Upon returning from the locker rooms we witnessed continuous overtaking and counter-overtaking in the score, before the hosts - on a couple of occasions - found the plays to widen their gap up to two possessions. Gulliver's reaction, however, was not long in coming, with a break of 0-7 at the end of the third period the Juventus team regained the lead in the score (69-71). The last quarter follows the progress of the previous thirty minutes, in a succession of emotions and high quality plays by both teams who enter the final five minutes in perfect parity at 80 points. Lucca approaches the final rush better, but Derthona responds presently and, with clarity, finds other triples - including yet another from Conte for the 85-86 never surpassed again - to turn the inertia in their favor and win 86-91.
In standings the Lions remain at 3 th at altitude 10 points, but they reduce the distance from the leading duo composed of the same to two Lucca e quarrata, next opponent in the home clash of next Friday 20:30 al PalaCamagna.

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