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Granitico Derthona: plays an exciting match, beats Virtus and forces Game 5

Granitico Derthona: plays an exciting match, beats Virtus and forces Game 5

Bertram Derthona-Virtus Segafredo Bologna 82-75

(21-18, 43-37, 67-55)


Derthona: Zerini, Ross 6, Dowe 8, Candi 15, Tavernelli ne, Errica ne, Strautinš 6, Baldasso 12, Kamagate 4, Obasohan 9, Weems 10, Radošević 12. Coach De Raffaele

Bologna: Cordinier 12, Belinelli 11, Pajola 4, Dobric 5, Mascolo, Shengelia 4, Hackett 3, Mickey 5, Polonara 4, Zizic 6, Dunston, Abass 21. All. Banchi

Game 4 of the playoff quarter-finals ends in jubilation for Juventus Derthona. Bertram plays an excellently solid match for all forty minutes, largely led by the team coached by De Raffaele. In the second half, Derthona made the decisive breakthrough between the third and fourth periods, rejected the opponents' strong comeback and gave themselves another dream night in front of an extraordinary crowd.

First period of high-intensity competition in Casale: Bertram impacts the match with the right attitude, finds several protagonists and leads it almost entirely. In the final, Virtus shortens the gap with Cordinier's plays: in the 10th minute Leoni lead 21-18. In the second quarter, Derthona continues to grind out the game, to be precise in its three-point shooting and to exploit the scoring streak of Dowe and Baldasso who, in sequence, widen the gap up to 43-37 at the break.

Upon returning from the locker room, Bologna tries to get closer several times, but the team coached by De Raffaele is concrete and tough, rejects every attempt to return the opponent and places a shoulder in the final stages with 5 points in a row from Candi which are worth the 67-55 of the 30'. In the opening minutes of the fourth period, Bertram reached +16 (75-59), before Virtus reacted vehemently by returning to a single possession deficit (78-75) entering the last minute of the match. In the last 60 seconds, Weems' free throws and dunk and Virtus' errors gave the Lions success, who won 82-75.

So coach Walter De Raffaele at the end of the race: “It was a great victory, at the end of a match in which the boys played with great attention on a tactical and technical level, offering something different in their choices, and then with great heart and attitude. We knew that Bologna would start very tough and solid, we tried to change something compared to the initial choices, but the players - to whom I congratulate - played an extraordinary match, going beyond the problems and role changes. There is a cohesion and empathy among the players, the joy they transmit to our public and to the owner are many beautiful things. I also say a big thank you to my technical staff. Nobody would have thought that we would have brought the series to 2-2, but from my point of view the team has grown a lot, with great humility, since Game 2 and now we go to Bologna to play a very tough match with nothing to lose. Candi played a super game, he reminds me a bit of Carraretto in his golden days who broke up games from the bench: he's having a great series and even more so today, he took advantage of the opportunity and was ready both in attack and defense, sacrificing themselves on Abass and Belinelli. The playoffs are a championship apart, it's a mental attitude to know what is needed. We are 2-2 and we are very happy, now we go to Bologna to try to get to the semi-finals, with the lightness of those who have nothing to lose, ennobling the season after having played three out of four matches on equal terms against those who have played for eight months at the highest level in the EuroLeague and won the regular season. The series made us aware that we could fight against the best.".