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Derthona surrenders to Virtus in Game 5

Derthona surrenders to Virtus in Game 5

Virtus Segafredo Bologna-Bertram Derthona 92-63

 (21-14, 46-35, 69-54)


Bologna: Cordinier 8, Belinell 15i, Pajola 13, Mascolo 4, Lomazs, Shengelia 22, Hackett 2, Mickey 12, Polonara 2, Zizic 8, Dunston 4, Abass 2. All. Banchi

Derthona: Zerini 5, Baldi 3, Ross 10, Dowe 8, Candi 3, Tavernelli, Strautinš 4, Baldasso 11, Kamagate 5, Obasohan, Weems 10, Radošević 4. Coach De Raffaele

Bertram Derthona's path to the playoffs ends in game 5 of the quarter-finals, leaving the Segafredo Arena defeated at the end of a match in which they chased for almost the entirety, trying several times to come back into contact and then giving in to the decisive breakaway opponent in the second half. For the team coached by De Raffaele, the pride of having reached the playoffs for the third consecutive year remains, beating Virtus Segafredo Bologna, one of the best teams in Europe, who deservedly advances to the semi-finals.

First quarter of the match led by Virtus for large stretches: the team coached by Banchi - after the free throw scored by Kamagate - overtakes and extends to 21-14 in the 10th minute. In the second half, Bertram tries to close the score, but Virtus - with a new gust - reaches the double-digit margin again (39-28 at 17'). In the final stages, the gap between the two teams remained unchanged: in the 20th minute the home team was ahead 46-35.

Upon returning from the changing rooms, triples from Belinelli and Cordinier and plays from Shengelia fueled the favorable moment for Virtus, who broke Derthona's resistance and widened their gap to 69-54 at the third siren. In the last half, the team coached by Banchi extends to a final score of 92-63.

So coach Walter De Raffaele at the end of the race: “Congratulations to Bologna, who were decidedly superior in this match. At home, with this great crowd and its champions, he directed the match. Tonight all our problems, which we have never flaunted, came to light against a team like Virtus. I want to thank the public who followed us from Tortona and my players, who have become a solid team with attitude going beyond their limits. As a coach it is a great satisfaction to have a group like this, we have earned important consideration in this series, which must be satisfactory for the Club also for the future".