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28/04/2024 18:15
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Derthona is solid and continuous, against Baskonia defeated in a sprint

Derthona is solid and continuous, against Baskonia defeated in a sprint

Baskonia-Bertram Derthona 86-85

(26-25, 44-40, 67-62)


Baskonia:Howard 17, Mannion 7, Raieste, Sedekerskis, Marinkovic 8, Miller-Mcintyre 3, Diez 2, Rogkavopoulous 11, Diop 2, Kotsar 12, Costello 8, Besson 2, Moneke 14. All. Penarroya

Derthona: Zerini, Dowe 6, Candi 6, Tavernelli 3, Errica, Baldasso 12, Basile 2, Daum 16, Obasohan 12, Weems 13, Thomas 8, Radošević 7. Coach Ramondino

New proof of solidity for Bertram Derthona who, faced against Baskonia in a challenge with a European flavor and great charm, played on par with their opponents for all forty minutes, giving up in the sprint only in the final stages. For the team coached by Ramondino, a good start to prepare for the first official match of the year, the 2023 Frecciarossa Supercoppa.

The first minutes of the match were played with great pace by two teams who found fluidity in attack and quickly moved the score: for Bertram, Weems and Baldasso were the main offensive players in a quarter which ended with a score of 26-25. In the second half the match flows with the same leitmotiv made of balance and intensity: at half-time Baskonia ahead 44-40.

Upon returning from the changing rooms, Derthona produced a great effort and secured numerous extra possessions, with which they managed to put themselves ahead of the score, before suffering the opponent's counterbreak. At the third buzzer the Spanish lead 67-62. The last period is a crescendo of emotions, which lead to a sprint finish: Bertram takes the lead with Obasohan's baskets, but then Baskonia, right in the final stages, makes the counter-overtaking and prevails 86-85 .