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Coach Ramondino and Viglianisi present the match against Trapani

Coach Ramondino and Viglianisi present the match against Trapani

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaiting the match against Trapani scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday 3 February, at 18.00 pm at PalaOltrepò. The Bianconeri are fresh from the trip to Scafati, where the team ʺHe alternated, as already happened in previous matches, moments of high level in defence – says coach Ramondino – and in attack, where the fluid circulation of the ball allowed us to find good solutions, to others where this did not happen. I believe that the lack of continuity since the beginning of the season is one of the main defects of this team.

The match against the Sicilians comes at an important moment of the season and represents It's already a decisive meeting for us – continues the Juventus coach – so I expect an important match from both an emotional and technical point of view. It will be important to be more continuous and try to prolong the moments of the match that are favorable to us.

The latest matches have highlighted Derthona's defensive complexities, highlighted by coach Ramondino also in the press conference following the Scafati match. The growth of the defense must be the main focus of the team and must come through ʺthe willingness of players to collaborate with each other in order to be more effective in this fundamental. The step to improve must not only be technical but also emotional.

Moving on to the analysis of Trapani, Bertram's next opponent, the Juventus coach claims how the Sicilians have ʺClark-Renzi is one of their greatest strengths in the play-pivot axis: they are two players with great offensive talent and capable of great scoring performances. From our point of view it will be important to pay great defensive attention especially to Clarke, who is able to build solutions for himself and his teammates. We will also have to play an important game in rebounding too.

Thus Kenneth Viglianisi: ʺThe match against Trapani comes at a difficult time for us, I think it will be important to prepare above all from an emotional point of view, rather than a technical one, for Sunday's match. I will certainly experience some sensations before the match as I spent three wonderful years in Trapani, but when the match starts I will leave the emotions behind and do what it takes to try to win the match. Regarding our difficulties in defence, I think it is necessary to make an extra effort because the Sicilians are a team that has great talent for the championship: we will have to be more aggressive and compact compared to the last few outings. Their strengths are Clarke, Ayers and Renzi, the three main offensive ends: around them there is a nucleus of important players for the category who contribute with energy to the team's needs..