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Coach Ramondino and Viglianisi present the match against Cassino

Coach Ramondino and Viglianisi present the match against Cassino

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, away to Frosinone, against Cassino, on the 8th day of the West Group of the Serie A2 Old Wild West championship. The Bianconeri are fresh from the success in Casale Monferrato last day and are preparing to face the Lazio team at the end of a week in which ʺwe tried, during training, to highlight some small aspects. We must keep in mind – states coach Marco Ramondino – that our margins for improvement are not only given by the recovery of injured players but also by the growth of our game: these are two things that must go hand in hand. In the first training sessions of the week we gradually reintroduced Spizzichini and Alibegovic, while Knowles and Garri will not yet be available on this occasionʺ.

The success achieved against the Junior confirmed the progress of the Lions, who ʺIn recent weeks they have provided positive and coherent signals from an emotional point of view. On a technical level – continues coach Ramondino – we must continue to explore and exploit our potential: in the last few games the team has made excellent steps forward in this sense.

Bertram's next opponent, as mentioned, is Cassino, a team ʺwho has clear hierarchies, is expert and very physical, starting with the guard department: Pepper is one of the best players seen in the A2 championship in recent years. Together with Jackson, a playmaker capable of dangerous scoring bursts, she forms an important pair. Then there are Raucci, Bagnoli and Ingrosso who have an excellent impact on the match and the core of their Italians has an important and successful experience in Serie B. Our analysis – continues coach Ramondino – must take into consideration their numerous strengths: we must not be fooled by their ranking, which is not very different from ours, because Cassino could have won three or four matchesʺ. Moving on to the analysis of what could be the tactical keys to the match, coach Ramondino underlines the importance of playing It's a solid game, as on the road you need to play concrete games to avoid giving away easy baskets to your opponents on the counterattack. Our ability to equalize the physical impact that Cassino will impose on us in the forty minutes will then be important.

Thus Kenneth Viglianisi: ʺOur week was positive, after a victory we resumed training as best we could, aware of our ranking situation and the margins for improvement: we need to grow to be able to play matches in a more competitive way. The recovery of injured players helps us, as it allows us to raise the competitiveness of training sessions. The success against Casale must be a starting point to show us the path to follow in the future. Cassino has a very talented player in Pepper, it won't be easy to limit him: in general it is a team that presents both good individuality and team play. Having not won yet, they will want to try to bring home some points and we cannot underestimate anyone. Among the keys to the match I include the ability to impose our game and our physicality, as well as a high-level defense that can then be transformed into attacking playʺ.