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Coach Ramondino and Lusvarghi present the match against Bergamo

Coach Ramondino and Lusvarghi present the match against Bergamo

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaited by the match against Bergamo valid for the fifteenth and final first leg of the West Group of the Serie A2 Old Wild West championship and scheduled for Sunday 6 January at 18.00 pm at the PalaOltrepò in Voghera. The Bianconeri are fresh from the defeat in Treviglio and are preparing for the next match ʺwith the need to make an effort from a mental point of view – says coach Ramondino – because, due to an endless series of problems, we manage to work very little in the gym. At this moment we must not look at our opponents, but it is necessary to be able to produce an important performance on a competitive and character level, even before a technical one. We are not always able to express the strengths we have: we therefore need to give continuity to the good things we have managed to produce in the last two and a half monthsʺ.

The Lombard team is the current leader of the group, with a roadmap that speaks of ten victories and four defeats, and is a ʺformation that expresses a very functional game – continues the Juventus coach – and has excellent three-point shooters: their Americans, Roderick and Taylor, are very good at triggering their teammates and average 11 assists per game as a pair. Furthermore, Bergamo has an excellent level of athleticism which he exploits above all in the defensive half of the field.

Among the keys to the match, coach Ramondino identifies ʺcontrol of rebounds, which can give us a minimum of offensive rhythm and our ability to move the ball well against their aggressive defense. Defensively we will have to be compact and connected because they are very good at creating shots at the rim and from three points.

Thus Marco Lusvarghi:  ʺDuring the week we have to work to gain confidence in the little things, so that we can then implement them during the matches. The match against Treviglio left us with great disappointment as we had trained hard to face the match as best as possible, but then we were unable to materialise, in the forty minutes, the effort made during the week. Bergamo, our next opponent, is a team that has two top-level Americans for the championship: Roderick, in particular, is very good at creating for himself and his teammates. Limiting him will be one of the keys to the match.