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Coach Ramondino and Garri present the match against Siena

Coach Ramondino and Garri present the match against Siena

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaited by Siena on the first return day of the West Group of the Serie A2 Old Wild West championship. This week the Bianconeri announced the arrivals of Bertone and Lydeka, two players they have ʺa high level of experience and excellent knowledge of the game. Both – begins coach Ramondino – they arrived in good physical condition and can make their contribution starting from the match against Siena. We believe we have identified the athletes who could help us take a further step forward: Bertone can create advantages and allows us to play at a higher pace as well as being less predictable, while Lydeka gives us solidity and an important presence close to basket. In the A2 championship he can also be a factor on an offensive level.

Bertram is coming off three consecutive defeats, the last of which, against Bergamo, occurred only after extra time. The match against the league leaders showed improvements on the part of the Bianconeri, who ʺIn the last three weeks they have worked with great dedication and seriousness. The results are not what we expected – continues coach Ramondino – but at least we have found some continuity and we are more consistent on a defensive level. Today we must be good at taking the last difficult step: matching good performances with results.

Moving on to the analysis of the next opponents, the Juventus coach believes that ʺSiena is a team good at playing quickly, with two players like Marino and Morais who are devastating in the open field. They have a versatile setup, thanks to big men who know how to play face to basket and open the court very well. Furthermore, especially at home, they are skilled in finding an important contribution in terms of rebounds, steals and defensive impact from the so-called wingmen..

The Tuscans are ahead of Derthona in the standings and have five points more than the Bianconeri: for this reason tomorrow's match becomes ʺvery important, even if any result that matures will have to be contextualized, on our part, in a search for continuity of results necessary to get out of the current ranking situationʺ. Among the keys to the match, coach Ramondino identifies ʺour ability to play well against their defensive switches, finding a good offensive rhythm and being good at closing the area without sacrificing defense on their shootersʺ.

Thus Luca Garri: ʺThe arrivals of Bertone and Lydeka this week brought us great enthusiasm and a boost of energy which can only do us good. In view of the next match against Siena we must start again from the many good things we showed against Bergamo against which we only lacked the final push. Mens Sana is a team that can count on an important field factor and that has Morais and Pacher as its points of reference, as well as a core of expert Italians capable of excelling especially at home. It will be a decisive match because Siena is ahead of us in the standings and a victory against them would allow us to reduce the distance and take us a step forward to get out of the playout zone..