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Coach Ramondino and Bertone present the match against Latina

Coach Ramondino and Bertone present the match against Latina

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, awaiting the match against Latina scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 26 January, at 20.30 pm at PalaOltrepò. The Bianconeri are coming off two consecutive successes, achieved against Siena and Leonis Roma, and at the same time It's only at the beginning of the journey we have to take, despite already being in the second half of the season. The team – says coach Ramondino – it has suffered various difficulties and has renewed itself, so it must build a common experience. The signs arriving from a character point of view are encouraging, while on a technical level we still have a lot of work to do.

This week they are ʺmanaged the workload because we had some players returning from ailments. We need to find a good balance in the work we need to do on ourselves – continues the Juventus coach – and that of preparing for the next opponent, as the A2 presents several high-level opponents who have very different playing styles. Therefore, every week it is necessary to make adjustments based on the opponents we will face.

Moving on to the analysis of the next opponent, Latina, coach Ramondino underlines how it is a team He is capable of immediately entering the offensive flow which always has at least four excellent three-point shooters on the pitch. They have four players who shoot over 40% from the arc, it is no coincidence that they are second in two-point percentage and first in three-point percentage. They have great offensive efficiency: we will have to be good at understanding when to contain their attacks and when to be aggressive in order to break their gamesʺ.

Benacquista is currently in fourth place in the standings and has achieved an extraordinary qualification for the Final Eight of the Italian Cup. In view of tomorrow's match, the Derthona coach's attention is turned to ʺourselves, because we will need to be ready from a defensive point of view even after a made basket as they immediately start their attacking games. In the offensive half of the field we will have to have good execution and work on the details to prevent them from isolating our attack: it will be important to create advantages that will lead them to have to help and rotate in defenseʺ.

Thus Pablo Bertone: ʺThe two consecutive victories give us confidence and pace to work as best as possible during the week in order to be ready to face any opponent. Our desire is to continue on the path we have undertaken in the last period to try to move up the rankings, aware of the qualities we have. We know that it will be necessary to maintain the same attitude we had against Siena and Roma to obtain good results. Now the challenge awaits us against Latina, which is a team that is very good at three-point shooting: in defense we will have to be good at limiting and dirtying the solutions that are congenial to them, while in attack we will have to be good in executing our gameʺ.