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Coach Ramondino, Ndoja and Ganeto present the match against Virtus Roma

Coach Ramondino, Ndoja and Ganeto present the match against Virtus Roma

Championship eve for Bertram Derthona, playing against Virtus Roma on the 9th day of the Serie A2 championship. The Bianconeri arrive at the match against the league leaders after two consecutive successes against Casale and Cassino and at the end of a week ʺQuite complex, as we are recovering some players, including Knowles, but we also have to live with the controlled management of other athletes. Preston's return leads us to return to some offensive and defensive concepts and clarify them further..

Despite the physical problems experienced in this period, the attitude of the team ʺIt has always been good – continues coach Ramondino – because the players made an effort to work on the limits and search for our identity. Our structure changes every week and this does not facilitate the search for balance: when we have the full team we will be able to work better on the integration of all the componentsʺ.

Bertram's opponent, as mentioned, is Virtus Roma, the current leaders of the West group and with a strong track record of seven victories (the last six of which are consecutive) and only one defeat, which came on the second day against Bergamo. The Capitoline team represents It's the best that our group can offer: it's a very well-equipped team in terms of talent, experience and physical structure. In the games played so far she has always been in control and has never been in difficulty – continues coach Ramondino – always managing to place the decisive break. It is a team that has many solutions and is very well coached by an international coach like Piero Bucchiʺ.

Among the strengths ʺIt might be easy to identify the two Americans, but the core of Italians in each match provides their own contribution. We don't have to follow their rhythms and playing times, but it will be important to have a good approach and continuity throughout the match, without giving them the initiative.. The key to the match, according to the Juventus coach, will be the ability to be ʺaggressive and play with good intensity, trying to maintain control and discipline so as not to become confusing. Aware that we are not perfect, it will be important to be as precise as possible and limit unforced errors.

Thus Klaudio Ndoja: ʺWe face the best team in the group, which needs no introduction. Against these opponents there are no motivations to look for, you give 101% on the pitch because perhaps 100% is not enough. They have two Americans who are among the strongest foreign pairs in the league. Both come from Serie A, one also played in the NBA, they are certainly two very important athletes. Alongside them, the outline is of a high level: we will be faced with an organized team and trained by a coach who works and prepares the matches very well. It will be a beautiful and stimulating challenge.

Thus Gabriele Ganeto: ʺWe arrive at the match against Roma in a better physical condition than a few weeks ago: we are recovering injured players, like Knowles, whose return will increase our technical rate. The two consecutive victories, especially the one against Casale, have given us confidence regarding the path we have to take. We face Virtus Roma, a team in some ways similar to ours, built in a targeted way: it is a deep team, which has many shooters and dangerous players in attack. It will be important to remove their points of reference, which are not only the Americans but also the Italians who attack the basket and take on great responsibilities. Our defense will be decisive: in the last few games we have grown and we will need to be very careful against Roma to limit their talent.