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Bertram defeated in game 1

Bertram defeated in game 1

Virtus Segafredo Bologna-Bertram Derthona 84-61

(23-13, 44-24, 63-41)


Bologna: Cordinier 7, Mannion ne, Belinelli 15, Pajola 3, Jaiteh 9, Shengelia 10, Hackett 14, Mickey 4, Camara ne, Ojeleye 15, Teodosic 3, Abass 4. Coach Scariolo

Derthona: Christon 7, Mortellaro ne, Candi 2, Tavernelli, Filloy 3, Severini 14, Harper 6, Daum 2, Cain 7, Radošević, Macura 20, Filoni ne. All. Ramondino

Defeat for Bertram Derthona in game 1 of the semi-final: at the Virtus Segafredo Arena, the team coached by Ramondino suffered the great physicality of the opponent right from the first minutes. The break produced by Virtus in the first ten minutes was decisive for the outcome of the match. Race 2 is scheduled for Tuesday 30 May at 21pm again in Bologna.

Complex start to the match for Derthona, who suffered an important start from Virtus (10-0 powered by Belinelli's triples). In the following moments of the half, the balance remained on the pitch: in the 10th minute Bologna was ahead 23-13. In the second half the match continued along the same lines, with Bertram trying to stay in contact and Bologna instead - also guaranteeing extra possessions - extending to 44-24 at the break.

Upon returning from the locker rooms, the team coached by Ramondino finds a little more fluidity in attack and tries to close the gap, but Virtus - with great competitive spirit - manages to find effective solutions and closes the third quarter ahead 63-41. In the last quarter Bertram increases its intensity, reducing the gap to 15 points, before suffering a new acceleration from Bologna who wins 84-61.

Thus coach Marco Ramondino at the end of the race: “Congratulations to Virtus Segafredo Bologna for the victory in a match that they controlled from the start with important plays and then maintaining momentum. For our part, the match was a bit imprecise and timid, with many small inaccuracies that cannot be made against a team like Virtus who were already leading. Rationally we are playing against a team equipped to make the EuroLeague, ideally we were imprecise, but also thanks to our opponents' ability to force errors. Players like Teodosic, Shengelia and Belinelli require a separate game plan regarding the choices to be made: we will try to do more next game".