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Derthona defeated in Brescia in the last quarter

Derthona defeated in Brescia in the last quarter

Germani Brescia-Bertram Derthona 72-65

(13-14, 33-36, 50-50)


Brescia: Christon 10, Gabriel 5, Bilan 4, Burnell 9, Massinburg 11, Tanfoglio ne, Della Valle 7, Petrucelli 8, Cournooh 8, Pollini ne, Akele 10, Porto ne. All. Skinny

Derthona: Zerini, Ross 15, Dowe 14, Candi 4, Tavernell nei, Strautinš 6, Baldasso 10, Kamagate 10, Severini, Obasohan 4, Weems 2, Thomas. All. De Raffaele

Forty intense, physical and balanced minutes at PalaLeonessa A2A: after almost thirty minutes led by Bertram Derthona, in the last quarter the team coached by De Raffaele - despite numerous attempts - is unable to close the gap created by the opponents at the start of the half and goes out defeat on the pitch by the league leaders.

Low scoring first quarter in Brescia, thanks to the defensive intensity put on the field by the two teams: Bertram leads for large stretches and closes it ahead 13-14. The second period is also marked by great balance, physicality and competitive spirit on the pitch: Derthona finished ahead at halftime (33-36) with Ross' triple.

Upon returning from the locker rooms the match continues with the same leitmotiv, made of balance, intensity and mini partials: the team coached by De Raffaele leads for almost the entire portion, but is reached at 50 at the end of the quarter. At the start of the final period, Germani produced an acceleration that was worth the lead (59-52) in the 34th minute, followed by the Juventus reaction, which, possession after possession, closed the gap. Petrucelli and Christon bring the hosts back to +7 (69-62) entering the last two minutes. Derthona returns to -4 again, but Brescia maintains its clarity and wins 72-65.

So coach Walter De Raffaele at the end of the race: “On our part there is a bit of regret because the desire was to arrive point for point in the last minute, but we suffered a setback three minutes from time. Brescia deserved the success by increasing the level of physicality towards the end, causing some turnovers on our part and forcing us to force some good shots. I also believe that the offensive rebounds were decisive. What remains is the excellent performance made by the team, which managed to compete against the team that has deservedly been first in the standings for some time. For us it was important to limit some players like Bilan, we managed to put grains of sand in Brescia's gears: we played a very high level defensive game, like them, who imposed their trademark. When playing these matches, details make the difference: to win here you need to play a perfect match. We roll up our sleeves and try to do our best in the four remaining races.".